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Timeline Learning Circles Children's Rights 2015

Page history last edited by Natasha Cherednichenko 8 years, 6 months ago


Timeline Learning Circles Children's Rights  2015


Phase 1. February 09 – March 01  2015


Before you start to learn and work together, it is nice to know each other. In the wiki there is a page available for each group to introduce themselves. Everyone can read the wiki, yet to edit you need a login. Once you have access to the wiki, you can start editing your introduction page. On this page you can share something about your school, classroom, fellow students and your teacher. A nice group picture of can be added, or pictures of students, drawings, a video…


Phase 2. March 02 – March 22  2015


Challenge 1

On Monday morning March 2nd, you can find the first challenge in the Wiki. Three weeks time to add your contributions on the school challenge page. Please try to be as creative as possible with texts, videos, photos or Social Media! You can also add an extra effect by using the Cool Tools Wiki. We invite you to have a good look at the contributions of the other groups.

Phase 3. March 23 – April 12  2015


Challenge 2 

On Monday morning March 23th, we will start with the second challenge. Try to be as creative as possible with texts, videos, photos or Social Media! You have time to work on this challenge until Sunday April 12th. We invite you to closely look at the contribution of the other students in your Circle. Also discuss in your group what the similarities and differences in the different groups are.



Phase 4. April 13 – May 10  2015



On Monday morning April 13th the third challenge will appear in the wiki. Until Sunday May 10th your group can add a creative contribution on your school challenge page in the wiki.

During this period, all schools are partly closed for holidays; take your time for a good planning! (schools from Holland, Suriname and Curaçao will have longer 2-3 week breaks).



Phase 5. May 11 – June 03  2015



In this phase we will use an amazing process of peer learning to write and reflect in a very creative way. With the feedback of all your peers in the circle we ask you to think about a new children’s right. One you haven’t seen yet during the Learning Circles. Think about it and find your own new right to add to the 54 already existing ones. What can you do to ensure that your own identified child’s right is successful? We invite you to choose for ‘the peerScholar way’ or to present your new children’s right as a group in a creative way in the wiki, no later then Thursday May 21nd.

Phase 6. May 18 – May 29  2015



In this last week of the Learning Circles we like to receive your feedback and learn how you experienced working together in this ‘world classroom’.


What went really well and how can we grow stronger?

Your tips and tops will help us to improve our Circles and make the next even more successful. Thank you!



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