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Comenius College Hilversum

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Dear students and fellow teachers of this wonderful Learning Circle


Welcome to the Comenius College


Nice to meet you!



Our students will love to personally introduce themselves to you after their spring break. As their English teachers we will allready give you a first impression.  First some general facts, (terribly boring but highly informative) and then some videos that will give you a complete view of our school and what it has to offer. The language in the videos is Dutch but the images speak for themselves!



We are really looking forward to collaborating with all of you!


Warm regards from the Netherlands,


Karin Kops & Hilda Kruithof



Comenius College General facts


The Comenius College is a secondary school in Hilversum, offering the Dutch Mavo, Havo and Vwo programmes to 1450 pupils. The school is ideally situated, surrounded by sport fields and lush woods but conveniently close to the town centre.


The entire school building has recently been renovated based upon our vision on education and principles of creating an optimal and pleasant work and learning environment for our pupils and teachers.  We provide modern facilities offering challenging programmes and catering for all ages from 12 to 19 years.


We have realised a modern science lab, language studios, a gym and state-of-the-art ICT facilities. Special attention within the curriculum is paid to the language departments, the science departments (WON-school, this means that we focus on research and innovation in the science curriculum), sports (LOOT-school, this means that we offer special facilities to young talents in sports that enable them to attend a regular secondary school) and Arts.



Our school results are above all national averages. In January 2015 we received the honourable title of Excellent School from the Dutch prime minister for all our departments.



To educate and inspire young people in an environment of respect and support, allowing our students to achieve their full potential and enter the higher education form to which they aspire. We aim to enhance the learning experience of our pupils and our teachers while at the same time fostering intercultural understanding and global citizenship.



We support the notable contribution to education by our name giver John Amos Comenius and his practical educational influence. He is also known as the father of modern education and one of the earliest instigators of universal education. We offer our students an extensive curriculum in all study fields and a wide variety in extra curricular activities in the fields of Culture and Arts, Sports, Business and Science. We stimulate activities that are closely linked to local and (inter) national developments.


Our aim is to:

•Stimulate and nurture success to realise the full potential of our pupils and teachers.

•Promote equality and respect and embrace diversity.

•Attract international exchange students who bring a cultural and academic richness to our school.

•Conduct management with professionalism and integrity.

•Establish effective and productive partnerships both locally and internationally.


Comenius College wants to help students prepare for their future career in a rapidly changing learning environment. Therefore we develop innovative programmes that improve their 21st century skills in the field of research and innovation. We conduct an integrated programme in the field of research; inside and outside the classroom. The use of ICT has an important role in our curriculum in combination with active forms of learning such as fieldwork, cooperative strategies and research projects.


Social awareness, global citizenship, Children's Rights

Our students will be tomorrow's leaders. We want them to learn how to be engaged, caring and able to make this world a better place. They have wonderful creative talents to succesfully collaborate both on a local and global scale. There are many programms at our school that all students participate in.


Just to name a few of them:

-Gender Equity project

-Anti bullying Project

-Sustainability Projects

-Expedition Comenius: Every year all students engage in charity and fundraising activities for 7 different foundations (local and global) providing for Children with special needs or challenges in their lives. Activities are also aimed at creating awareness for these special children. We allready raised money to build a school in Uganda and this year we want to build a community house for disabled children in Kenya. Check out our Expedition Comenius video about all 7 foundations!



Our pupils will introduce themselves personally to you but here you can already enjoy a sneak preview of our school, everything is in Dutch but as our name giver Johan Amos Comenius already said: One picture says more than a thousand words…


Regarding Childrens' Rights we truly believe that every child has the fundamental right to be happy.

So why not start with practicing a little smile?



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor picture smiley


Comenius Smiles



Comenius College is:







A day at the Comenius:



Expedition Comenius



Jan Amos Comenius


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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 2:18 pm on Mar 2, 2015

Dear participants,
100% agree with the children's right you propose. And well done Introduction!

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