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Agrani School and College

Page history last edited by Proshanta Kumer Sarker 9 years, 2 months ago

Introduce yourselves to your circle


What shall we do? Take selfies and tell about our lives in text? Write what we’re interested in, what we do for fun outside of school,
what we do for fun inside school, what makes us laugh, what we worry about..

What was the first thing we thought of when we heard: 'Children’s Rights'.

You know…the stuff that makes you want to find out more about someone.

Or, what about drawing graphic stories about ourselves? (see Cool Tools).

Or, making up a rap about our lives and videotaping ourselves singing it?  Or recording the rap as the sound track for a video that shows our lives?

What about taking us on a Google Earth tour, with you're telling us what we’re seeing?

There are so many ways for us to get to know one another, which makes working together lots more exciting.
So remember to leave time to find out more about our team mates.



Dear LC Friends

Greetings to all of you. I am Proshanta Kumer Sarker. I am an English Teacher of Agrani School and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I teach English Literature and Language in Class 11 and 12 which we call college level.

This year I have completed a 
Teachers' Training Courseon Secondary Education under the TQI -SEP Project of Ministry of Education. So, from this year I am taking classes with the school students of class 9 and 10. I am really enjoying teaching them. Unlike other session, in this session my students will be from class 10. They all have ICT (Computer Studies) as optional subject.

I have been working in on-line since 2004 after being registered in iEARN. I have started working in GTP Learning Circle project since 2007.The first project was United Beyond Our Diversity. I had a chance to show my project work in jEARN Conference in TOKEYO, Japan.

About children I would like to say, "Say yes to children" let them explore the way they want. Children should grow up with joy and opportunities. We have to ensure that their rights must not be violated. Because the children of today is the leader of tomorrow.


Wishing you a good journey with the new LC.


Here is an article written by our student of class 9, named Sabnoor Hassan 



DR. Kazi Anowara Monsur was born in Khulna in 6th August 1923. She was an active person .'' If anyone tries her best , she can get success'' . Mrs. Anowara Monsur was the symbol of this line . 
Today's Agrani School and College at Azimpur made for her great struggle . She faced so many problem but didn't fall down . Anowara Monsur is a name which is made with Agrani School and College and it will not be finish . This name will be alive forever .
By her story , she put a history to our nation and our country . New generation's people can go in the right path by reading her life story . 
Agrani School and College stands in Dhaka is a traditional institute . Mrs.Anowara Monsur made a kindergarten school with fourteen students in 1957 . For making a child physically , mentally and moral disciplined , she made this school . Day by day , this school was changing its educations systems . In 1966 it became girl's high school . And it called ''Agrani Girls School ''. In 1994 eleven and twelve standard was also joined with this school . Then it started to call ''Agrani School and College ''. Now it is a big institute . 4500 students get knowledge here. But the all credits goes to our madam , Mrs.Kazi Anowara Monsur . She wanted to laminted Allah by helping the people . She read in ''Eden College'' in 1940 . After finishing her I.A she admited in '' Kolkata Lady Brabon College '' in July 1942 . she got married in 5th September 1943 .Mrs.Anowara had a lot of problem in her family but she didn't become nervous . Her husband Mr. Kazi Abdul Monsur was a doctor . He loved her a lot and always supported her . Mrs.Anowara Monsur always tried her best for making this school. She gave her whole life in Agrani .
Her husband said ,'' If I could become a watchman in your school , I could have got your much attention ''
Now, Agrani is one of the famous school in Dhaka city . We the people of Agrani can't forget her . She died for earth but she doesn't die from our heart . We respect her and always remember her.


By Sabnoor Hassan Class 9"


We take our students for study tour far away from madding crowd

Study Tour, Teacher and students dancing and making fun.

Comments (5)

Sangita Biswas said

at 7:32 am on Mar 9, 2015

Thanks a lot Natasha----

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 10:10 am on Mar 6, 2015

Dear Proshanta and students,
thanks a lot for the Introductions.

Proshanta Kumer Sarker said

at 6:17 pm on Mar 5, 2015

Thanks, Bob-----

Bob Hofman said

at 10:36 pm on Mar 1, 2015

Happy to see that your are in the Wiki Proshanta; we are looking forward to a creatibe introduction from your students with text, photo's and or video as written in the text above in this page :-)
Challenge one will start on Monday, you will receive the news letter on the frontaoge tomorrow.. greetings, Bob.

Proshanta Kumer Sarker said

at 8:52 pm on Mar 1, 2015

Dear Bob and Natasha,
I am confused whether I am on right track. Any suggestion please.

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