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Rishikul VidyaPeeth Sonepat

Page history last edited by vats.vandna@gmail.com 8 years, 7 months ago

      WELCOME TO Rishikul VidyaPeeth Sonepat     t










Rishikul Vidyapeeth Sonepat, a well-established institution, situated in NCR amidst pollution-free natural surroundings, spread over forty acres of land with a covered area of six lakh sq. feet, 4 kms from Delhi-Chandigarh Highway (NH-1)


 It runs on latest educational concepts and techniques, propagating moral-cum-spirutual values and implementing the latest concepts of CCE.


 We have Smart Classrooms equipped with latest softwares, activity-oriented education to bring about a harmonious development of a child's personality.


 There are Ultra-Modern Computer, Science Robotics, Biotech, History, Commerce, Maths, Geography & Language Labs, Science Exhibition Halls and  India's largest Science Park , fitted with latest sophisticated equipment to develop scientific aptitude in young minds.


 The school also provides sufficient provision for specialisation in Electronics, Music, Photography, Dramatics, Arts & Craft, Painting, Dance etc.


 The school  conducts Student and Staff Exchange  Programme with leading foreign schools for cultivating global vision in children at an impressionable age


 It organises  Educational trips to famous places of historical and geographical intersets across the country.






 Warm regards

                                                         To kwow more about the school please see the below given links


   info@rishikul.in/ www.rishikul.in








Comments (2)

hvanwyk@... said

at 10:05 pm on Mar 9, 2015

Hey Vandna, how are you doing? So nice to hear from and read about you again, even though it's only digitally. Hope to see and hear a lot from you and your pupils.
Do say hi to everyone from us.
Love, Heidi

vats.vandna@gmail.com said

at 7:00 am on Mar 2, 2015

Hello everybody
Something about my school
Rishikul Vidyapeeth is a well established institution ,situated in NCR amidst pollution free natural surroundings 'spread over 40 hectares of land with a covered area of six lakh square feet . It runs on latest educational concepts and techniques . it believes in providing activity oriented education to bring about harmonious development of a child's personality . School believes in inculcating the feeling of a global citizen among children from very beginning so it conducts Students and staff Exchange Programmes with schools abroad .

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