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Schoolpage Challenge 1-Comenius College Hilversum

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The right to good food, clean water and health care.

Topic 1:


To the basic rights of challenge 1 Lucy, Caro and Iris want to add another essential right: the right to fresh air.

Thoughtlessly chopping down trees endangers our entire planet....


Lucy, Caro and Iris are branstorming about their cartoon:



Topic 2: Interview healthcare worker



What is your job?



Have you ever worked abroad? Yes I have worked abroad, in India.

That was a long time ago. I was 25 years old.


Have you seen differences, and what where they like? Yes there were a lot of differences. 

The hospitals where very bad and dirty.


Were the patients in India well insured?  

No a lot of people were not insured  because in India is a lot of poverty. Primary healthcare in some parts of India is scarce.


What kind of people were insured?

Only the rich people, because they can afford it. 


Can all the people in India get health care even if they aren’t insured?

No definitely not. People without an insurance get rejected in the Hospital or they have to pay a lot of money for an surgery.




Topic 3:Challenge 1 Topic 3.docx.pdf









The drinking water in our region

Hilversum, the Netherlands


The water in our region is managed by Vitens. Vitens is a company that generates, cleans and supplies the drinkingwater in our region, Hilversum.


The water in our region is quite ‘fresh’, between the production of the drinkingwater and the supplying of it, is 24-48 hours. Because it is transported through pipes, the water is bacteria-free.




A watercleaning installation



There are high quality standards to our water, for example: there are stricter rules for our tap water than for our bottled water. Bottled water contains too many minerals, whilst our tap water only contains the allowed maximum. So, our tap water is healthier than our bottled water.


But, how does our tap water get so clean and healthy?

Vitens has a technique that transforms soil water into drinkingwater.

The first step is to remove the calcium, iron and manganese from the water. These substances are very harmful to our bodies.


There are two ways in which Vitens can clean the water:

-       The traditional way

Step 1: Aeration

Step 2: Filtration

Additional step 1: softening the water by taking out more calcium

Additional step 2: Filtrating a second time

-       The modern way

Step 1: membranefiltration

After that the water gets decouloured and desalinated


The ways that Vitens uses can differ per city/region, because the soil water is different everywhere.

Vitens also makes sure that there is no legionalla (pneumophilia) in our water. This bacteria can cause serious deceases which can be lethal. Vitens is tasked by the government to prevent legionalla entering our drinkingwatersystem.


The price we pay

In our region, we do pay for the drinking water. We have meters in our houses, that count the cubic metres of water we use. Over this water, we pay a certain amount of money each month. At the end of the year, all the water and money is added up, and all of the extra water you have used, you will need to pay at the end of the year.


Some fun facts:

-       Vitens has 100 productioncompanies

-       The total drinkingwater producten is 330 million cubic metre a year.

-       The biggest productionlocation is Spannenburg (province: Friesland) where 25 million cubic metre of water is                produced.


Written by Floor Streutker & Inge de Vries 



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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 12:29 pm on Mar 23, 2015

Dear participants,
your Challenge 1 work show how deep your research was. Thanks!

Bob Hofman said

at 1:31 pm on Mar 22, 2015

Many school are not able or allowed to download files on their school network.... please upload next contributions as graphics plz, kiitos, Bob

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