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Schoolpage Challenge 1-Dr Frank J Hayden

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The right to good food, clean water and health care.

Topic 1: Art Work - Access to Water



Topic 2: Interview - Healthcare Worker


Interview with Karen Harris, pharmacy manager and pharmacist:


How are the healthcare facilities organized?

“There is acute care; patients in need of emergency treatment can call 9-1-1 to have an ambulance take them to a hospital, or they can be driven to the hospital on their own. For non-emergencies, there are walk in clinics. These provide generalized care. Finally, there are family doctors who perform routine checkups and provide care.”


What happens to uninsured people who are ill?

“If you are insured, the government provides welfare or family allowance. They also provide disability coverage for an individual who is disabled.”


Is it different for children?

“No. However, some people might fall through the cracks - they might not qualify for government welfare, and they also may not qualify for private benefits.”


How much do you spend on healthcare?

“Very little. I would say less than 1% of my income goes towards healthcare, and this is mostly off-the-shelf medication. The rest of it is paid for through our free healthcare and tax system, and from work benefits.”


What could be improved to make healthcare more accessible for children?

“I don’t know that it’s not accessible for children - however, something that could be improved is access through education systems because that is where children are. Access for children in daycare under 5 is important.”


“We could also work towards having centralized records (currently kept on file by a family doctor). This would allow for more efficiency in emergency care. Currently, the Canadian healthcare system does not have the infrastructure to support this, but long-term this would be extremely beneficial.”


What should be done to make the change?

“Put the professionals where the kids are.”


What makes the Canadian healthcare system unique?

“Access to a lot of professionals, and referrals to specialists are available and relatively easy to get. Whatever your needs are, we have the means to meet them.”

“We also have free healthcare!”


What is your role in the healthcare system?

“I am a pharmacist. I fill prescriptions from family doctors and specialists and provide a continuum of care to my patients. Part of my role is also to speak to patients, to identify drug related problems, and to  try to find solutions for them.” 

Topic 3: Research - Water Treatment and Access


Lake Ontario supplies the drinking water for the City of Burlington. Two intake pipes draw water from the lake. The water that is drawn is pumped to a treatment plant. The Burlington water supply intake is located about 4.8 kilometres from the Burlington Canal. Approximately 97% of city residents rely on this clean and safe water supply for drinking and other uses. 




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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 1:14 pm on Apr 2, 2015

Dear participants,
thank you for the drawings and the interview which reflects Topic 1,2 very clear.

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