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Schoolpage Challenge 1-Agrani School and College

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The right to good food, clean water and health care.

Topic 1: This picture is drawn by Aurundhaty of Class 8 as she sees the crisis of pure water in village area of Bangladesh. In many villages, people use water of pond.







Bangladesh abounds in water but there is scarcity of pure drinking water. Poor people suffer the most. Rich people can afford to buy water in bottle or big jar. In slum areas there is acute scarcity of water.

The sources of water in Bangladesh are surface water, groundwater and rainwater. The Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna river system discharges huge amount of surface water through Bangladesh, a part enters into ground to form groundwater. About 93% of the stream flow passing through the country originates from outside the Bangladesh (Khan, 1993). Rainfall within country contributes to the total water available in Bangladesh, a part of which infiltrates into ground to recharge existing groundwater and the remaining rainwater flows as surface run-off. These sources of water available for the development of water supplies have their relative advantages and disadvantages in Bangladesh context. 

Topic 2: An Interview with a man who sells medicines in a dispensary near our school.


Faria: Salamualaikum!


Seller: Alaikum Assalam!


Faria: How long are you selling medicines in this shop?


Seller: For three years.


Faria: From where are you coming?


Seller: I am coming from a village of Barisal district.


Faria: Did you sell medicine in your village?


Seller: Yes, I am trained as a village health worker by BRAC. I also helped people suggesting medicine when they were ill.


Faria: Why did you come to the city?


Seller: To earn more money.


Fariah: How is the condition in the village?


Seller: People are poor. They don't pay me when I help them with prescription of medicine.


Faria: Are you happy in the city?


Seller: Not so much. But I can earn and send money to my family.


Faria: Nice to talk to you.


Seller: Thank you.


Topic 3:




Water Problems in Bangladesh:

Groundwater is the main source of water supply in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Groundwater in Bangladesh is available in adequate quantity, but the availability of groundwater for drinking purposes has become a problem for the following reasons:

  • arsenic in groundwater;
  • excessive dissolved iron;
  • salinity in the shallow aquifers in the coastal areas;
  • lowering of groundwater level;
  • rock/stony layers in hilly areas.

Among these problems arsenic groundwater has become great concern for water supply in Bangladesh.








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