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Schoolpage Challenge 3 - Agrani School and College

Page history last edited by Proshanta Kumer Sarker 8 years, 9 months ago

Please post your school/group contribution on this page.


The right to grow up safe.

Topic 1 :


# When we see that everything is fine and nobody harms anyone, there is no traffic jam, there is no earthquake, nobody teases anyone and there will no snatchers, we think that it safe. We also think that all are doing duty properly and all are helpful to each other, no angry face, people smiles at each other and help each other, we feel that there is safelt.

# When we are with our parents and at home or with our grandparents at village hope, we feel safety.

# In the road when there is much traffic jam, nobody cares, and the drivers drives very fast and about to do accidents, we don’t feel save.

Line 1: I feel safe.

Line 2: I am with my parents at home

Line 3: I see all caring to all

Line 4: I feel safe when I can speak freely and no angry eyes looks at me


Line 5: I feel safe when I am with my parents

Line 6: My parents care and protect us from harm?

Line 7: I feel safe because I can open my heart

Line 8: This make me relaxed.


Line 9: My parents give us what we need

Line 10: I see all are caring to me

Line 11: This makes my life enjoyable

Line 12: Life seems full of pleasure


Line 13: I see all smiling at me with love

Line 14: I  feel great and confident

Line 15: Life seems full of joy

Line 16: I sing with joy and make merriments


Line 17 I feel safe and protected

Line 18: I see all encouraging me

Line 19: I hope for a bright future

Line 20: I feel safe and pray to God



Topic 2 :



Topic 3 :





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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:33 am on Jun 1, 2015

Thank you for the pantoum! Please go forward with other topics.

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